Few other groups have had the same pronounced magnitude of influence in shaping contemporary Nigerian music like the group Styl-plus. Bursting into the national music scene in 2003, Styl-plus blended western music with Nigerian rhythms and culture, creating a unique brand of R&B that laid the foundation for future artist to build upon. As a key member of the group, Tunde’s voice–gracefully rich in melody and soul–was essential in building the enduring legacy and massive fan interest Styl-plus still enjoys today.

I love to nuture the soul so I make music




Tunde’s musical development has been an organic part of his life’s journey. Born Akintunde Akinsanmi, and raised in Ibadan Nigeria, Tunde was surrounded by a family of music enthusiasts. His older brothers–Sola and Deji–were prolific on the drums and the piano, and this sparked his early music interest. In high school, Tunde was also influenced by his music teacher–Mrs. Amorelle Inanga–who inspired him to improve his vocal skills and develop his talents playing different musical instruments including the flute, guitar, and piano.


As the son of a pastor, Tunde grew up being an active member of several church choirs where he also honed his vocal and instrumentation skills. He led various concert performances, and his passion for creating soulful melody through vocal harmony drove him to directing several acapella groups.

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